An outreach to Bristol Virginia, Bristol Tennessee, and the surrounding communities of Southwest VA and East TN.

In-Clinic, Assisted Abortion Ends in Tennessee

AUGUST 24, 2022 was the last day abortion providers were legally allowed to continue providing abortion services in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Trigger Law (SB 1257), which was signed into law in 2019, was triggered to go into effect by the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson which overturned the 1973, Roe v. Wade decision.

Bristol Regional Women’s Center has performed abortions in Bristol, Tennessee for decades. In light of the recent Dobbs decision they announced their plans to relocate to Bristol, Virginia in order to continue performing abortions.

In the video above Patrick Cole interviews Erika Schanzenbach (LifeBristol) and John O’Roark (Full Armour Ministries) on the street in front of the Tennessee clinic about their outreach to women seeking abortion in Bristol, Tennessee and what the TN trigger law and this move mean for the future.

Trigger Law Leaves Self-Managed Abortion on the Table for Tennessee Women

Tennessee’s trigger law specifically exempts women from being subject to the law for their participation in the abortion of their own babies. SB 1257 states that it, “does not subject the pregnant woman upon whom an abortion is performed or attempted to criminal conviction or penalty.”

Self-managed abortion, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is when a woman aborts her baby outside the traditional medical system without the assistance of a medical doctor. Today this usually means sourcing medical abortion pills online and having them shipped to her door or a mailbox in another state. She then takes the pills to kill her child and delivers her baby at home, usually into the toilet.

This method of self-managed abortion has been increasing both in popularity and availability in recent years. And the Tennessee trigger law protects a woman’s “right” to this type of abortion.

Equal Protection Under the Law

Preborn babies are human beings from the moment of fertilization. They are created in the image of God and deserve the equal protection of the laws. God commands it and the Constitution requires it.

Friends, the same laws that protect born people from homicide should protect preborn people as well. That’s equal protection. That’s loving our preborn neighbors as ourselves by protecting them with the same laws that already protect us.

The lives of babies will continue to be endangered in Tennessee as long as we treat them as less valuable and deny them the equal protection of the laws.

In Virginia the work to provide equal protection for preborn babies has already begun. Sign the petition and get involved HERE.